Palestine 1 Pound, 1929 P-7b, VF Very Fine

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Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire until 1918 therefore was using the Ottoman Lira, after the WWI it was occupied by the British Empire Army and started using the Egyptian Pound as an official currency but there was many other currencies in use at the occupied land as a medium of trade.

In 1926 a Palestine currency board was established by the British Secretary of State for the Colonies, based in London, it was chaired by P. G. Ezechiel along with a Currency officer in Palestine.

The board adopted the Palestine Pound (1000 mils) as the new currency and fixed it's value to the British Pound, all denominations of coins and currency were Trilingual in Arabic, English, and Hebrew.

It was signed into a law by King George V in Feb. 1927 thus enabling the Palestine Currency order, on November 1927 the Palestine Pound became the legal tender for the occupied land and notes in the denominations of 500 mils, 1 Pound, 5 Pounds, 10 Pounds, 50 Pounds, & 100 Pounds were printed in 1927 by Thomas de la Rue Printer in London, even though the Currency order was intended for circulation in Palestine and it explicitly excluded Transjordan from the order, it was still adopted for use by the Transjordan government.

After the end of the British mandate on Palestine in 1948 and handing it over to what became Israel, the Palestine Currency Board dissolved but remained in use until the adoption of the new Israeli Lira began in 1952.

*All Palestine Pounds are redeemable in British Pounds in England until today.
*All Currency issues of 1927 are scarce or rare and highly sought after.


This Palestine 1 Pound note is dated 30th Sep. 1929
it has an intaglio of the Dome of the rock mosque to the left